Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Remembering the city you grew up in

--by Joel R. Dizon
This website is dedicated to my fellow Baguio boys and girls who spent their growing years in this beautiful rustic town of 400,000 (latest pop. figure). Maybe you went to Baguio Central School like I did in elementary school. Maybe you graduated from Baguio City High School like I did. And maybe you have moved abroad and now you wonder how it is back home. I hope these photos, and captions that are a little bit longer than usual, bring back some happy memories. There are a million places you could go, but you'll always come home to good old Baguio City. I hope you enjoy viewing these images, I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks!  (email: or send "snail mail" or postcard to Joel Dizon, 2/F Jesnor 1 Condominium, Carino cor. Otek Street, Baguio City 2600.)

This is a view of the famous John Hay ampitheater--perhaps the only portion the old Camp John Hay that wasn;t  so affected by the massive makeover done to this former US military base, which was relinquished by the Americans back to the local government in 1991. It is now operated by Fil-Estate under a 50-year lease. This company emphasized more on the golfing features of Camp John Hay in its development. Fortunately, the ampitheater was spared--and on a typical summer afternoon you could still enjoy its natural gallery of Baguio's precious (perhaps vanishing) flora.


zigzagrio said...

Hi Joel,

Thanks so much for sharing your interest of our beloved Baguio. I am also a graduate of BCS in 1959. I attended BCHS for 2 yrs and continued my high school education to SLUBH. I pursued my undergraduate degree in philosophy. Following those years, I went across the Pacific to the US for greener pastures. It has been almost 39 yrs when I left Baguio and I miss this city so much. This is where I developed my appreciation for a quite and cool environment during my younger years. As I continued my journey to the US, I lived in the Washington, DC metro area and learned to love it as though it was an expanded version of Baguio City. I continued my journey to work to other foreign countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Korea, and Germany. I feel blessed to have traveled to over 27 countries and over 330 cities around the world. However, I still miss the place where I grew up and my heart yearns for the clean and fresh air of Baguio.

Jr said...


Thank you for posting the pictures and "captions". I am sure it took some thought and planning to put this together.

It seems a nostalgic trend is afoot for the "Old Baguio", people are posting pictures out of their "bauls" of what pre and post-war Baguio looks like,on Facebook.

And it is sentimental,refreshing,informative
and each time creates a new perspective of Baguio. I for one, just like the first poster, who have been out of the country for awhile appreciates this so much.

Thank you, kabsat, for doing what you are doing.

Boni P

Anonymous said...

Thank you Joel for this one. I left the Philippines in 1993. Me and my family have been coming back on a regular basis but avoided the crowd and pollution. Last time we went home, we avoided Session and Harrison Roads altogether because of the horrible traffic.

Someone has to initiate a vehicle- free Session Road like they have in Germany so folks can go up and down Session Road "smoke free".

This site is very much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

thank you kuya for bringing me to this place...i hope someday when i find mr. right, i can get married in this place.

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